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Job Fraud

There has been a rise in job frauds in the current economy.  A recent scam was reported at several Ontario Universities; someone leaves a clipboard in a classroom or open area and encourages students to enter their personal information to receive information about a job.  Sometimes students are given a clipboard and asked to pass it along during class time, with the implication it is something to do with the class or sanctioned by the professor.  

Read more about this here: 

No reputable company would recruit students in this way.  If you see this activity, please remove the clipboard and notify Campus Police at the emergency hotline, below. If you hear about suspected activity like this, call campus police on the non-emergency line. To report other suspicious employer activities contact:
  Campus Emergency Police Hotline Non-Emergency Police
Mississauga 905-569-4333 905-828-5200
Scarborough 416-978-2222 416-287-7398
St. George 416-978-2222 416-978-2323 or
Through the CLNx, the University of Toronto posts thousands of jobs on behalf of employers in Toronto and around the world.  While the University of Toronto reviews new employers and job postings by checking for the legitimacy of email addresses, office locations, websites and certificates of incorporation we do not always catch clever scammers. Therefore, students need to exercise caution and common sense when exploring career options.   

Great tips on how to be aware and safe when applying for jobs – here: and here: