Faculty and Staff Overview

Welcome to the Career Learning Network (CLNx)!

The Career Centres are pleased to be a resource for faculty and staff in a variety of ways:

  • Assisting you with answering student questions about what to do with their degree, how to find internships, applying to graduate school, and preparing for the world of work.  Students can access a personalized dashboard on the CLNx where they are able to view and access career-related programming across all three campuses.  Don't hesitate to refer students to the Career Centre on their campus!
  • Working with you to provide tailored career-related programs for your students.  Please contact your campus Career Centre.

Inside CLNx you will be able to:

  • Post on-campus jobs and research opportunities
  • Post work-study positions
  • Engage with U of T students through various career exploration and mentoring programs


If you have previously posted an on-campus job, use your email address and password from your previous Career Centre account.  If you have not previously posted an on-campus job, fill out a registration form under Faculty/Staff and use a "utoronto" email address.

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