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Welcome to the UofT job boards, accessed by over 80,000 students and recent graduates from all three campuses – Mississauga, St. George (downtown) and Scarborough.  Post full-time, part-time, summer, and paid internships for free.  We advertise full-time permanent positions to recent graduates and students in their graduating year. 
You can post for free on two different job boards to serve your needs: 
  • Off-campus Jobs - these are paid positions posted year-round
  • Volunteer Positions - these are on and off-campus part-time and short-term unpaid opportunities that may include a stipend.They are posted year-round and provide meaningful, short-term, skill building opportunities for students and recent graduates
We welcome volunteer postings from non-profit and charitable organizations; all other unpaid postings must abide by Ministry of Labour guidelines and standards for unpaid internships in Ontario.

All positions listed with the Career Centre must include the name of the organization and a contact name. The Career Centres will not post positions for organizations that request money in the form of application fees, donations or investments, as part of the job application process.  The Career Centres reserve the right to decline job postings.  
If you have any questions, please contact us at or (416) 978-8000


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