Career Information Days 2017

Career Information Days LogoCareer Information Days is more than a job fair – it’s an opportunity to explore what the future may hold for you.

Benefits of attending
  • Discover new career options, and explore ways to prepare for them
  • Build relationships with representatives from organizations you are interested in
  • Develop your communication skills; learn how to network effectively and professionally with employers
  • Learn about (and use) the services available at the Career Centre
  • Free goodies and swag

September 20 & 21, 2017
11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Exam Centre - 255 McCaul St.

Visit the CLN Career Exploration & Education Events calendar to learn more & register 

Student feedback from Career Information Days 2016 and the benefits:
  • I can ask employers directly about the qualifications they are looking for.
  • I enjoyed liaising with certain individuals in the career chat lounge
  • Being able to network with employers, get swag items, and meet UofT alumni.
  • Chatting with representatives about what type of work might be available to me for my internship
  • Diversity of companies
“I went to the Career Fair in September 2015. I happened to strike up a conversation with a recruiter from Citco. I mainly spoke to them about ways to transfer my skills and how I would be able to make myself more marketable in industries that I originally did not study for.

I am graduating with a Bachelor of Science but knowing my set of skills, I have a business minded approach to things and I believe I can contribute a unique approach in the Business industry. I did not expect them to ask for my resume and happily handed it over. I spoke to the Vice-President during the fair and we are currently in touch through LinkedIn. He has provided me with great advice on how to get on board with his company and informed me that he would remember me and to contact him once I decide to apply after graduation.
Attending CID has been an amazing experience! I would normally not approach people that way since networking has been challenging for me. The first time I ever attempted to network was last year’s b2B Industry night event and I have learned so much. From then, I became inspired and motivated to make the most out of myself after meeting so many alumni and really absorbing their stories. Being exposed and involved with CID and Career Centre projects was life changing.”

Denisse Macaraig
Graduated 2016 with Honours Bachelor of Science, Biological Anthropology, Buddhist Psychology and Mental Health. She is currently employed as a System Support Representative at Intact.



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